The Obamas Visit Boston After the Marathon Bombing: More Reason to Doubt Anyone Was Ever in Harm’s Way

As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.  Proverbs 26:11


I saw this question a couple days ago on Twitter and it really got me thinking:

“Did anyone ever wonder why POTUS Obama flew into Boston with untold terrorists  on the loose? Obviously not #tsarnaev”

Good question, TweetRex@beyaglu. Thank you for asking it.


Formed on July 5, 1865, as part of the Department of the Treasury, the United States Secret Service is one of the oldest federal law enforcement agencies in the country and ranks among the most elite in the world. With its origin dating back to the end of the American Civil War, the Secret Service was originally founded to combat the then-widespread counterfeiting of U.S. currency. In 1901, the agency began protecting the president after the assassination of President William McKinley, the third sitting U.S. president to be assassinated.   (from:


1.  AGENTS COME EARLY (up to 3 months in advance)

There’s a lot to do: clear air space at the airport during the president’s arrival, request a motorcade route through town, identify nearby trauma hospitals and secure safe locations for the president in the event of an attack.


Agents work with local police to identify any possible threats, namely those labeled as “class 3” threats. This is the most serious category of possible threats because they’ve threatened the president in the past and have the capability to carry out those threats. The agents contact those people and warn them they will be closely watched while the president is in town.


As the president’s arrival date nears, agents check each stop on the president’s route with bomb-sniffing dogs and clear nearby streets of all parked cars to ensure that no one can plant a car bomb near the president’s hotel. They also set up canopies where the president will exit his limousine so he’s not exposed.


Agents must ensure that the president will never be more than ten minutes from a trauma hospital and an agent is stationed at each hospital, ready to coordinate with doctors and other agents in the event of a medical emergency.


Before his official jet arrives, a backup plane similar to Air Force One will touch down at a secret location just in case something happens to the primary mode of transportation.


At least six planes will fly in with the president. Some hold cargo like helicopters, limousines and communication equipment. Others hold hundreds of agents and staff members.


The Secret Service has often moved the president “the wrong way” on freeways, closing eastbound lanes, for example, to allow the president to go west on the empty lanes.


Agents often use hotel kitchens and loading docks to lead the president into hotels.


Before the president arrives, Secret Service agents run background checks on all hotel employees. Anyone with any record of violence – even a minor 4th degree assault – will be asked not to come to work during the president’s stay.


In addition to the floor containing the president’s suite, agents will also cordon off the floors above and below his room. No one except those in the president’s detail will be able to stay in those rooms.


Before the president arrives, agents perform a complete sweep of all rooms where the president will be. They’ll check for bugging devices and concealed explosives. They’ll take apart all pictures to ensure nothing is hidden in the frames. Agents will also place bulletproof plastic over the windows. They remove the phones and TVs to ensure the room is devoid of wiretapping and eavesdropping devices and replace them with their own secure electronics.


Police form the outer perimeter, general Secret Service agents make up the middle perimeter and Presidential Protective Division agents provide the innermost shield.


When the president travels, he often brings his own food with him. He also brings along a crew of cooks and servers who buy groceries and prepare food for the president separately in an available kitchen as Secret Service agents watch to make sure no one interferes.    (from:


When was the last time a president deliberately put himself in harm’s way? Has it ever been done?

When presidents tour the devastation caused by a tornado, hurricane or other natural disaster, they do so after the weather threat has passed. When presidents visit the troops deployed in hostile areas, the visit is unannounced beforehand and unreported by the media until Air Force One has returned the president to safe air space.

Now, in light of all the advanced planning required to safely move the president around, consider the following timeline of events that happened in Boston, beginning with the bombing of the marathon. As you do, I believe the question TweetRex asked on Twitter will loom large indeed.

April 15, 2013    The Boston Marathon is bombed.

April 16, 2013    USA Today publishes an article announcing: “Obama to visit Boston Thursday, calls attack terrorism”

April 18, 2013

11am:  The Obamas visit Boston as announced, attending an interfaith service for victims of the bombing at Cathedral of the Holy Cross, where Obama speaks to those assembled.

mid-afternoon:  President Obama visits victims at Massachusetts General Hospital. Michelle Obama visits victims at Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

5pm:  FBI releases photos and videos of the Tsarnaevs, naming them as suspects in the bombing.

sometime around dusk: Air Force One is wheels up leaving Boston per a photograph I could not locate. If anyone has it please let me know.

10:33pm:  Sean Collier is found dead.

April 19, 2013

6:33am:  Shelter-in-place order is issued.

6:05pm:  Shelter-in-place order is lifted although suspect is still at large.

8:45pm:  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is in custody.

Granted, they were only there for one day, but still I ask you, does this sound like a secure situation our president and the first lady should have made themselves a part of, especially announcing their visit two days in advance with an unknown terrorist or terrorists on the loose?

What was really going on here? Was this a show of strength, sending a message to the terrorists, telling whoever was responsible that Americans will not live in fear? Was their presence really all that reassuring?

I doubt it.

Did the Secret Service have appropriate lead time with a two-day window to adequately secure the area for their arrival?

I doubt it, but at the end of the day, did it really matter?

Apparently not.

So why did the president feel it necessary to be in Boston almost immediately after the bombing of the marathon?

Maybe it wasn’t where they went or who they saw but that the Obamas came to Boston at all that told us the narrative of terrorists-at-large was a complete fabrication.

Ask yourself this: After hearing and seeing what was being widely reported following the bombing, would you have been keen to fly there, knowing terrorists were on the loose? Still-unidentified terrorists? No, of course you wouldn’t. You would have felt afraid, just like a terrorist attack is intended to make you feel.

Yet, our president and first lady came to Boston just three days after an alleged terrorist attack with no suspects in custody. I venture to say it was not to rally a nation and comfort the victims but to ensure the government’s narrative. Who else but those who helped plan it would be so comfortable flying into such a situation?

Quite likely Obama knew they would be safe because he was intimately involved, planning, or at the very least briefed every step of the way, about that narrative. He apparently felt safe enough for him and Michelle to split up and tour separate hospitals! Imagine the number of agents that required.

When Judy Clarke said (and two Tsarnaev family members confirmed by affidavit) that pressure was being put on them by the highest levels of the U.S. government not to resist conviction, I believe she meant highest levels indeed, as evidenced by the president’s visit while the situation was still very fluid.

Imagine the total of tax payer money spent, not just on the show trial, but on this unnecessary (and foolishly risky if the terrorists had been real) presidential visit. If Obama helped write the script or at the very least, knew the Boston Marathon bombing was nothing more than a scripted false flag event for deep state purposes, it would definitely explain why he was so comfortable returning to Boston before the chosen “terrorists” could be apprehended.

And let’s think like a terrorist for a moment:

Imagine you’ve just pulled off a very successful, high-profile terrorist attack and no one knows who you are. You have unexploded ordinance left. And two days after the bombing, your bombing, in the midst of all the news ramping up the fear factor, it is reported that the president and first lady are coming to Boston…

What are the chances you’re going to sit this one out? That’s right: zero, zip. The possibility that you could take out the highest-value target in the land would just be too tempting. That’s how a real terrorist would see it.

And yet, nothing of the kind happened. At the end of the day, the Obamas returned to Washington and just a few hours after they did, the Tsarnaev brothers, our government’s chosen patsies, were the ones in harm’s way. I think we know why but for many, the reason is just too frightening to consider. They’d rather believe that black and white are the same color and that if they are not, it really doesn’t matter anyway.


One thought on “The Obamas Visit Boston After the Marathon Bombing: More Reason to Doubt Anyone Was Ever in Harm’s Way”

  1. ‘Who else but those who helped plan it would be so comfortable flying into such a situation?’ BINGO!

    Thank you for this most eye opening article.

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