Destroying Evidence, Not of the Boston Marathon Bombing but of the Unproven Government Narrative

Who would do that? Who would destroy evidence to support their own narrative in a case just beginning to go through the appeals process?

Certainly not the one convicted for the crimes and sentenced to death. He sits in a prison cell, stripped of all communication with the outside world, the very definition of powerless. And the first defense-team-that-didn’t has moved on as well.

So that leaves the government. Yep, they get my vote. Scoundrels, the lot of them.

What has been destroyed, you ask? Well, the very gun, the Ruger alleged to have been obtained by Dzhokhar and used by Tamerlan. Also Sean Collier’s cruiser, which was not only evidence, but an actual crime scene. I am amazed that these items were not preserved.

The government is either confident there will never be another trial, or already intent on changing the narrative in anticipation of not getting so lucky a second time.

Now a third item has disappeared, not from existence like the first two items, but from the public realm. I am speaking of the video footage that proves the victims, law enforcement, first responders and bystanders who remained on scene that day were all there following scripted roles assigned to them when they were hired as crisis actors for that pre-planned event.

Hard as this has been for some to accept, it is nonetheless true and those who continue to vociferously fight against this belief now draw my strongest suspicions. I was once among those who insist the bombs, the deaths and the injuries are real. But that was before I studied the footage from that day. Viewing the footage was a game-changer.

Those who resist the idea that crisis actors and movie-quality smoke bombs were used to convince the public that a real, prosecutable crime of terror had taken place at the Boston Marathon quickly resort to name-calling when challenged with reasonable questions driven by what the footage clearly shows. They simply refuse to allow any kind of mature discussion. Instead they trot out their best self-righteous histrionic “please get some help” chest-thumping behavior, accusing those they disagree with of “having a taste for disaster porn.” The once-popular Weebly site “The Boston Marathon Bombing – What Happened” is a good place to see this offensive behavior in action. I stopped going there long ago…

So the gun’s gone; won’t be bringing that up again at a future trial right? Sean Collier’s cruiser’s gone; won’t be opening that can of worms in a future trial either right? And now the footage proving the victims and other personnel on scene are just crisis actors is gone; won’t be arguing that in court next time?

No problem…

It would be nice to prove who planned, financed, recruited for and carried out the Boston Marathon bombing but it is not necessary in order to free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I would suggest the following in order to exonerate and free Dzhokhar:

1) twelve unbiased jurors from a state other than Massachusetts

2) one unbiased judge who can’t be bought or intimidated

3) a defense team who can’t be bought or intimidated

If these elements are present, a Tsarnaev acquittal will, in my opinion, be certain, for he was convicted and sentenced to death without evidence when judge, jurors and not one but both sides, both teams of attorneys conspired to assure his conviction.  If you have a problem with my saying that, then you haven’t read the transcripts. No wonder so many of them remain sealed.






4 thoughts on “Destroying Evidence, Not of the Boston Marathon Bombing but of the Unproven Government Narrative”

  1. I knew that the cruiser had been destroyed about 3 weeks after Agent Collier had been killed (or was he killed?). But that the gun has also been destroyed is news to me. We still have the footage of both scenes through the government evidence. Can you explain where you got that information?

    Thanks and don’t give up.

    1. I read it somewhere a long time ago that the gun was destroyed (which is also how I found out about the destruction of the cruiser). Though the footage videos narrated by Peekay and others have been removed from You Tube by a nervous government (obviously) I understand they are still out there on although I haven’t yet figured out how to find them there.

      1. Type “peekay” in the search bar on BitChute. Not all of his videos are there, but there are quite a few.

      2. Don’t laugh, but I couldn’t find the search bar though I looked everywhere for it, clicking on every icon that appeared at the top. Is there any way you could tweet his videos or something? And can you save his videos before the government wipes them from BitChute like they did You Tube?

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