Part 1: Why Tsarnaev Was Placed Under SAMs, a fictional account

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had been incarcerated for four months when Eric Holder, at the request of Carmen Ortiz, ordered that he be held under Special Administrative Measures, SAMs. Once SAMs were in place, over 1000 pieces of mail were returned to Dzhokhar supporters, who were mainly Christians according to sources at the Boston Globe and elsewhere.

I imagine the meeting went something like this:

Ortiz: “Look, we can’t have him walking into court holding a Bible and saying ‘Jesus is Lord’ now can we?”

(Nervous laughter erupts)

Holder: “No… that wouldn’t exactly fit the terrorist image we’re going for…”

(More laughter from the group)

Ortiz: “So you know what needs to be done.”

Holder: “We shouldn’t have waited four months. It looks bad. We can’t afford to be seen as punitive. These lunatic Christians really care about this kid. And some of them are really smart. They’re going to figure it out…”

(Mumbled agreement from the group)

Ortiz: “Listen! You just get the SAMs in place – and make sure he doesn’t get any more of those letters!”

Holder: “Consider it done.”

Ortiz: “By the way, did you read the quote from Liz Norden in that Boston Globe article yesterday?”

Holder: “What’d she say?”

Ortiz, retrieving the article from the file on her desk, reads, her voice reflecting obvious delight: “Liz Norden of Wakefield, whose sons JP and Paul each lost a leg in the Boston Marathon attack, said she believes Tsarnaev lost his right to any courtesy when he began firing at police officers in a manhunt after the bombings. ‘Torture in my eyes is being home seeing what my boys are going through – that’s torture,’ she said. ‘Our lives have been turned upside down because of this kid.’ “

(Ortiz looks up, smiling triumphantly)

Holder: “Oh she’s good. We chose well with that one.”

Ortiz: “Worth every penny.”

Holder: “Although she did get it wrong about him firing on police…”

Ortiz: “Who cares? No one but the bleeding-heart Christians will notice and we know how to discredit them…”

(Meeting adjourns)

Brent and Michael were glad to have been out of Ortiz’ direct line of sight during the meeting. The woman was pure evil. Though friends, neither agent was aware of the other man’s faith; Christianity was not held in high regard in the Bureau.

The pair filed out with the others and went their separate ways, lost in thought.

As Brent reached his office, he offered a silent prayer “Lord, I know You heard every word back there. Show me why You’ve allowed me to be placed in this situation. Your enemies mock You with arrogance. Your will be done in Dzhokhar’s life. Preserve him according to Your might and power for evils beyond number surround him.”

Michael headed for the men’s room. Only his training kept him from showing how shaken he’d been. Contempt for Ortiz and Holder consumed him. He hated himself for laughing with the rest. 

Maybe he could talk to Brent. No – that was out of the question unless he wanted to kiss his career with the Bureau, and quite possibly his life, goodbye.

Tonight, he would talk to Karen and they would pray. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was innocent. He could not just stand back and do nothing. 




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