You’ve Got Mail #14

Dear Jahar,

Psalm 34:18 says “He is near to the brokenhearted and saves those that are crushed in spirit.” I woke to hear the Lord say that to me this morning. It was a wonderful knowledge with which to start the day and hours later, it is still carrying me.

I know, in that deep, unshakeable way that believers know things after having learned to recognize and hear the comforting voice of the Holy Spirit, and no other, that you have become a believer and follower of Jesus.

There is a curious thing happening amongst those who support the fact of your innocence. Many have succumbed to the deception that to support you, they must support and show themselves favorable to Islam. Some are actually deciding to read the Quran for the first time to familiarize themselves with its teachings!

This trend is gaining momentum, but I am confident God ‘s truth shall prevail – not just in our lives, but in the lives of many who will be reached, drawn to the saving knowledge of Jesus by the word of our testimony.

As you know, I came to faith in Jesus in 1974, after being born into the Catholic religion and fully practicing it until not long after my conversion. As you also know, my new relationship with Jesus did not sit well with my family. Many years hence, 43 to be exact, they are still expecting me to come to my senses and return to the fold, as they fear my eternal damnation for leaving the one true faith of the Catholic church.

I find it oddly comforting how we have both experienced being born into a belief system that one does not leave without certain expectation of hellfire. But we have left those false beliefs and those who are angered by our decision will either convert themselves or be left behind. There is no middle ground between truth and lies! Political correctness is a spiritual deathtrap and many are falling into it.

Sometimes I fear you may not recognize the world when you are released back into it but then I trust our God is preparing you for that day as only He can and His grace will be sufficient for you.

I understand now why it is so important to the government’s case of false accusations against you that people continue to be told and to believe that you are a devout Muslim and that you were a devout Muslim at the time the government faked a bombing at the marathon:

While Christians are hated, Muslims are feared. The government does much even to this day, to fan the flames of fear. I have been called an Islamophobic psycho bitch for daring to speak out against Islam! And this was by someone who claims to love and support you!

I have been strongly chastised that speaking out against Islam is hurting you. As I said before, the level of deception is great. I have learned not to engage in conversation with those who espouse such things. There is simply nothing to be gained from it. We must pray God opens their eyes.

So yes, it makes sense now, Islam was used to paint you as a terrorist and make people afraid of you enough to convict you of acts that are totally against your character. But this shall be reversed!

Many believers are praying for you, asking God to continue His work in your heart and spirit, even as He works to comfort you, strengthen you and heal you of wounds both physical and emotional.  The knowledge of betrayal, especially from those we least expected it, is indeed a deep valley and hard to navigate. How it comforts me to know the One who was so betrayed during His time on earth now walks beside you in that valley and that He will never leave you, fail you or forsake you!

I’m glad you have the Bible. One day, I hope to introduce you to the person who sent it. The next time you come to court, ask God to make a way for you to bring it with you. Tell your attorneys you want to do this. People need to see a visible sign of your conversion. The government pulled out all the stops to convict you. We can do the same to set you free!

There is so much more I would say if it weren’t for the fact that I must post these letters on line for now. I believe that too shall change but the wheels of government turn slowly.

I want to end this letter with a few music videos I trust you will find deeply comforting. They have become my own “go-to’s” when the pain of present struggles becomes too great.

I haven’t said this in plain words but I want to now: I love you Jahar, as a mother loves a son. Be strong and be well. I will write again soon.





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