The Boston Marathon Bombing: For Openers

In his opening statement, Bill Weinreb, attorney for the prosecution in the Tsarnaev case, spoke first. His opening statement was comprised of roughly 417 sentences. Of those 417 sentences, 400 were lies.

Though he told a good story, it was a story none the less. A work of fiction. Attorneys craft their opening statements by answering three questions: 1) what occurred 2) why it occurred and 3) why the defendant should pay for it. As soon as Weinreb began to expound on the first question, he had already entered “The Twilight Zone.”

Though I was almost immediately doubtful of his guilt, at the time Dzhokhar Tsarnaev went on trial for the Boston Marathon bombing and related crimes, I was still of the opinion that a real bombing had occurred and real people were killed and/or badly injured. Those who believed otherwise, I was convinced back then, were wrong and maybe a little well, unbalanced. I was careful to keep that opinion to myself.

My current understanding is this: The entire event that became known as the Boston Marathon bombing was staged. Prior-amputee crisis actors played the parts of the victims. Other crisis actors were hired as first-responders of various types. Every relevant base was covered to convince the unsuspecting public that a real terror attack had occurred.

For the record, I do not change my mind easily. I am not a push-over. But when I am wrong, I am not afraid to say so. Though I took great care to explain how my beliefs had evolved, I lost some followers on social media when I announced full support for the crisis-actor/fake event narrative.

I could care less. Truth is truth and it is not diminished by the numbers. Besides, I am in good company.

Not only is the number of people growing who realize this was indeed a staged event with prior-amputee and able-bodied crisis actors, but highly respected and credentialed persons are being added to our group all the time. Some are lawyers. Some are journalists. One is a Hollywood producer. Many are doctors and nurses. I personally find members of the medical profession to be most insightful.

You won’t find us riding the local buses in tin foil hats. We don’t talk to ourselves while walking down the street. And we don’t waste time with those who lash out in hateful opposition on Twitter. We have better things to do. Collectively, we are speaking out.  We are doing what we can to help free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and we know that we, and he, will triumph.

Some have wrongly referred to us as snow flakes. I have news for them: Snow flakes are designed to fall. Snow flakes melt and disappear when the heat comes. We will neither fall nor will we disappear. We are here to stay until falsely accused and wrongly convicted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is exonerated and freed.

Then we’ll see who the real snow flakes are.


3 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon Bombing: For Openers”

  1. I think there are logical and understandable conclusions one can make just based on the elements you laid out in the first part of your response but no hurry. Everyone gets to their final destination of understanding and belief at their own pace and in their own way.

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