“My Fellow Americans” The videos embedded in this previously-published blog post have been removed by YouTube, confirming the truth of what they contained & the fact that the more I am messed with, the louder I will become..

How can you be so obtuse? Is it deliberate?”  Andy Dufresne, “The Shawshank Redemption”

Yesterday, I came across an excellent video on Twitter. The creator laid out in a calm, rational and therefore highly believable manner, evidence supporting the belief now held by many concerning the Boston Marathon bombing: that Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are innocent, that the explosions were nothing more than smoke bombs, that nobody died, that nobody was injured, that all was scripted and staged. That belief. The one that makes people scoff, swear or run for the exits when you state it. The belief that makes you lose followers on social media (like I have) – if you care about that sort of thing (like I don’t).

After studying the video and a few others like it from the same source, it occured to me I may have been going about this all wrong.

You were put there to dig – get back to it!”  – General Woundwort, “Watership Down”

Until yesterday, if I dared to tell Mr. or Mrs. Random-Person-on-the-Street my beliefs about the Boston Marathon bombing, I usually led with a simple statement of Dzhokhar’s innocence, a sort of reverse Judy Clarke, if you will. Sadly, that statement alone remains so startling to a majority of this country that should one make it, the other beliefs never even come up due to what usually happens next.

“It’s like mist; like being deceived and losing our way.”  – Fiver, “Watership Down”

You who have tried it know what I am talking about. You get the question. And if you are really paying attention, you will see that before you get the question you get the look.

Apparently, I have not been paying attention.

What usually followed my statement that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is actually innocent of the Boston Marathon bombing was a look on the face of the hearer that said “I am now mentally battening down the hatches. Nothing you say will get past my defenses.” You could almost feel the resistance to your answer before they even asked the question:

“Why do you think that?”

It occurs to me now that, if my listener is the least bit open to what I have to say, they might respond with something more along the lines of:

“He is? Why do you say that?”  or  “He is? How do you know?”

So… now that I know to watch for the look and listen to how the question is worded, what of my response? Before yesterday, I would dive right in with statements about colors of backpacks etc. and in twenty words or less the conversation would always be dead in the water.

But now I’ve seen that video. Now I have a new strategy. Now it occurs to me that people likely won’t be willing to consider my beliefs until they understand something of how I arrived at them.

“But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth…”  John 16: 13

So why do I think that Dzhokhar and Tamerlan are innocent, that the explosions were nothing more than smoke bombs, that nobody died, that nobody was injured, that all was staged and scripted?

I have always been one to question authority. In fact the older I get, the less inclined I am to take things at face value.

When the explosions went off at the Boston Marathon, I watched the non-stop TV coverage like everyone else. Within days, I became uncomfortably aware of a growing compassion and concern for the surviving brother and a growing lack of concern for the victims. As a Christian and a human being who is normally very caring and compassionate, this concerned me greatly. I felt tremendous guilt over it.

I found myself praying for Dzhokhar almost hourly. I found myself anxious for his safety. I was overwhelmed with sorrow imaging his pain and fear. For the victims I felt one emotion: cold indifference. It was horrible. I couldn’t understand it and I told no one.

I stood in a laundromat watching on TV as Bostonians celebrated Dzhokhar’s capture in the streets. I stood still, stunned, cold as a block of ice inside. What was wrong with me? This was a terrorist who had killed people and horribly injured others…

And then the trial happened and Judy Clarke said it was him in her opening statement.

I felt outrage and immediately took to the Twitter account I had created to follow the trial, expressing that outrage. But it was not the outrage of one who has been fooled that I tweeted. It was the outrage of one who knows, instinctively, that this is not something any attorney ever does. I knew something else was going on in that courtroom. I knew something was very, very wrong and it made me very, very angry.

I waited for evidence to be presented supporting Judy Clarke’s outrageous statement but that evidence never came. I waited as victim after victim took the stand and told of their experience that day. They gave details about their injuries, their recovery, and how their lives had been forever changed, but no evidence that Dzhokhar had done anything to cause their suffering.

And through each testimony, I could not have cared less. I felt horrible instead for the one it was all being blamed on.

And I still do.

I watched videos presented by the prosecution – videos of such poor quality the government had to tell people what the videos were supposedly showing. And even with the aid of explanation, to him who has eyes to see and ears to hear, these videos revealed nothing.

I was born to be a voice for truth, for Dzhokhar, as a writer and blogger. Others were born to investigate, put there to dig. Through their efforts, the truth has been unearthed from deep beneath a pile of distortion and lies courtesy of a corrupt and dangerous government.

Our government.

While TV screen images and reporters told us what to believe about the Boston Marathon bombing and the crimes that followed, a real investigation was beginning, much of it conducted  by ordinary citizens. I am grateful for each one of them.

Not all who worked on this case to help Dzhokhar arrived at the same conclusions, but all fought and are still fighting, I like to think, on the side of right, knowing that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been falsely accused and wrongly convicted, knowing he awaits an undeserved execution in solitary confinement if nothing changes.

But it will never happen. Things are changing.

One day, Dzhokhar will have his day in court with real lawyers who present a real defense to a real jury. The lack of evidence, when properly, logically, passionately challenged, will be stunning. No jury will dare ignore the truth a second time. At its conclusion, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be set free, proven to have been legally and factually innocent all along.

If you can watch the videos that follow and still believe the outcome of the first trial was just and correct, there is no hope for you. Your blindness is wilfull and terminal. At this point, given all that has been uncovered, I can draw no other conclusion.

5 thoughts on ““My Fellow Americans” The videos embedded in this previously-published blog post have been removed by YouTube, confirming the truth of what they contained & the fact that the more I am messed with, the louder I will become..”

  1. Wrongfully convicted and falsely convicted are the power words in this article Lynn. Judged and condemned by corruptors that already had a verdict before even hearing or seeing evidence and when there was NONE that would convict this young man.. A guilty verdict still handed down by these heartless I would call nonhuman. Appeals still pending though and I am sure looking forward to the day…Truth comes out and Jahar walks a free man. Excellent writing as always. Always look forward to your blogs!

  2. This is a great post Lynn!! It says it all very calmly and clearly. I feel exactly the same as you do. Well done!!

  3. You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din. When I sense they won’t listen I don’t even try.
    I figure we need to put every minute where it counts — rounding up the troops.

    1. And this is my way of doing that… You’d be surprised how small an “army” our God actually needs to accomplish His good purposes. Sometimes He even uses an army of one. We may already have all the support that is needed.

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