Appeal Deadline Oct 3, 2016

I have just discovered that October 3, 2016 is the deadline for Dzhokhar’s attorneys to submit to the court their reasons why Dzhokhar should be given a new trial. For all my talk of faith, as I sit here right now, fear grips my heart and tears fill my eyes…

Prayer is the antidote for anxiety. So I am diving right in…

You know he is innocent, Lord. Anyone with a brain and a working conscience now knows this. I suspect even the jurors now know this. The victims have always known this. 

Here’s why I am afraid: It’s not that I don’t believe You can do it. It’s not that I’m not sure he deserves a new trial – far from it. It’s not that I don’t trust the ability of his new attorneys…

It’s just that what happened the first time around should never have happened – and yet You allowed it. You allowed a group of twelve regular people to willingly sentence to death a boy with no criminal history and a proven kind and compassionate heart after he spends what is left of his life in solitary confinement!

I know You have your reasons, Lord. I even know what some of them are because You have shown me. I know You love Dzhokhar. I know You allowed all he knew and loved to be taken from him, not to destroy him, but to save him. And I know how crazy that sounds to so many who read my blog.

But it’s not crazy to me. I know how You work. I know that You allow it to get as dark as it needs to get in our lives to bring us to You.

But knowing that doesn’t make it any easier. I know how many hearts and minds You will have to change in order to carry out Your plan for Dzhokhar. I know how many weak and fearful people have yet to find their courage to stand up against the wicked system of this world.

Lord, we need more judges like Juan Torruella and less like that female judge I so despised: the one with “the voice dipped in arrogance.”

Your Word says “Into the lap the lot is cast, but the decision is the Lord’s.”

I know Dzhokhar does not get just one appeal. But you know how impatient I am. You know how hard it is for me to know he is suffering while these phonies are parading through the spotlight, receiving money and sympathy and preferential treatment for injuries You and I know did not happen at the Boston Marathon.

Life is not fair, I get that. There is a time for evil to triumph, I get that too. And I know that evil’s day is only temporary. I know no one can stop Your plan and that You have a good and specific purpose in all You are allowing Dzhokhar to experience.

I know he will come out of prison one day, a very different young man than he was when he went in. And I do believe, Lord, that he will still be young. You have work for him to do and You will preserve him in order for him to do it. You are faithful. You can be trusted.

So I guess my fear was temporary after all – as temporary as evil’s victory over Dzhokhar. You will accomplish what concerns me. Your Word promises me that.

May Your will for Dzhokhar be done, Lord. Carry out Your marvelous plan for his salvation and deliverance however You see fit. You always know best. Your ways are higher than mine. Your timing is perfect, even when it does not seem to be.

Your Word says You harden the hearts of those You choose to harden and soften those hearts You choose to soften. Thank You for softening my heart. Thank You for showing me this boy is innocent of the crimes for which he has been convicted.

And I thank You in advance for dealing with those who really caused all this terrible suffering. I thank You that Your Word says the mouths of all those who speak lies will be stopped.

Thank You for reminding me that You always win.

You have declared the end from the beginning: David will again slay Goliath and when he does, all the people will rejoice.

Thank You Lord Jesus!


I will be gone from Twitter for probably quite a while. My heartfelt thanks to all I have come to know on social media because of this trial. I am forever grateful for your encouragement and your dedication to fight the good fight until Dzhokhar is free. I hope this song will help explain my decision.


 Looking for Space

John Denver

 On the road of experience, I’m trying to find my own way.

Sometimes I wish that I could fly away.

When I think that I’m moving, suddenly things stand still.

I’m afraid cause I think they always will.

And I’m looking for space, and to find out who I am.

And I’m looking to know and understand.

It’s a sweet, sweet dream.

Sometimes, I’m almost there.

Sometimes I fly like an eagle and sometimes I’m deep in despair.

All alone in the universe… sometimes that’s how it seems.

I get lost in the sadness and the screams…

And I look in the center – suddenly everything’s clear.

I find myself in the sunshine and my dreams.

And I’m looking for space, and to find out who I am.

And I’m looking to know and understand.

It’s a sweet, sweet dream.

Sometimes, I’m almost there.

Sometimes I fly like an eagle and sometimes I’m deep in despair.

On the road of experience, join in the living day.

If there’s an answer it’s just that it’s just that way

 When you’re looking for space and to find out who you are…

When you’re looking to try and reach the stars…

It’s a sweet, sweet, sweet dream.

Sometimes I’m almost there.

Sometimes I fly like an eagle and sometimes I’m deep in despair.

 Sometimes I fly like an eagle, like an eagle I go flying high…


Isaiah 40: 27-31

Why do you say, “My way is hidden from the Lord, and the justice due me escapes the notice of my God?”

Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, does not become weary or tired. His understanding is inscrutable.

He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power.

Though youths grow weary and tired, and vigorous young men stumble badly, yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.



Published by: iwasleah10years

Winston Churchill said no crime is so great as daring to excel. I am ready to take that dare. An unexpected and somewhat unexplainable compassion for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has drawn me out of my comfort zone.


9 thoughts on “Appeal Deadline Oct 3, 2016”

  1. Your posts always make me cry.
    Yes I believe that God is already working in the life of Dzhokhar.
    It was not in vain that thousands of people were moved, believed and believe in his innocence, he survived many shots that could be fatal and many people around the world are praying for him, nothing is in vain and I can not wait for he left that prison, because God is faithful!

    1. I’m in trouble. I made big mistakes and I fear what will happen to me. I don’t want to go into it here. Is there any way you can contact me in private? Thank you.

      1. No need Sarah. God knows all about your situation. If you are in trouble He is the One to call upon. I am praying.

    2. Thank you Lynn. I really, really hope that God will help me. I’m a big screw up, always have been. I really don’t want to get into trouble like Dzhokhar’s friends. I guess I might as well get this off my chest. I made some stupid threatening comments to these trolls who were harassing me. And they threatened to call the FBI!!! I’m absolutely terrified of the Feds, I can’t bear the thought of them coming after me! Especially when I know what they did in this case. I’m trying really hard to rebuild my life and get it back on track and it’s just not fair to lose it over some stupid comments made in anger!

      1. I never worry about threats from trolls. And I think the FBI has their hands full with people who are really giving them headaches like bloggers and the small group of real journalists who are still writing articles that expose the truth. If you made comments you regret on Twitter there’s always the option to delete.

    1. Thank you! Me too. We (I) must get serious about winning this battle for Jahar thru prayer and remain so until the Lord secures his salvation and his freedom. Both requests are on my prayer list for him!

  2. Nice Lynn, I’m sure it will all turn out for the best. I was shocked by the request today since Oct 3 is not very far away. Is it enough time for his new lawyers to prepare? We must have faith that something good will happen this time, although it’s troubling that Judy “it was him” Clarke is still on the defense team. We must keep praying.

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