The Problem with America Isn’t the U.S. – It’s Us

Every breath you take and every move you make

Every bond you break, every step you take,

 I’ll be watching you

Every single day and every word you say

Every game you play, every night you stay,

 I’ll be watching you

Oh, can’t you see you belong to me

How my poor heart aches with every step you take

Every move you make, every vow you break

Every smile you fake, every claim you stake,

 I’ll be watching you

 This is my country, land of my birth

This is my country, grandest on earth

I pledge thee my allegiance

America, the bold

For this is my country to have and to hold!

 Oh, can’t you see you belong to me –

How my poor heart aches with every step you take?

Today is July 4th, otherwise known, in America, as Independence Day. There are a lot of other things I could be doing and places I could be right now, but it burns in my heart and spirit to be at my computer, writing this blog post. You see, yesterday, I watched “Sons of Liberty” on TV and I can’t forget what I saw:

A small group of men, whose lives were marked by self-sacrificing courage and determination, began and led the movement to free a fledgling United States of America from the tyranny of Great Britain.

After watching, I had to wonder, do such men exist today?

Deep in my heart, I know the answer is yes, they do, and they are just as common, just as obscure, just as talented and able today as they were in the time of George Washington. I am one of them and my role is to blog. My job is to awaken the sleeping conscience and courage of the nation I love. If that sounds grandiose, so be it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…

You see, the truth is, we, the common people, have more power to effect change than we think. The problem is we have become too comfortable, too complacent, too caught up and absorbed in our own little worlds, too enamored of convenience. We have accepted the lie that we are helpless against powerful opponents. We have become willing to sit back and assume that eventually, someone else will do it. And we have stopped believing what Jesus said in Matthew 19:26 “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

And we are without excuse.

Last week I watched “The Brave One” starring Jodie Foster for the umpteenth time. One bit of dialogue caught my attention: The character played by Ms. Foster was interviewing a detective working a series of murders when he said this: “Oh yes, the dead do talk. And everybody lies. Lies tell you things too coz people tell them for a reason.”

Did you catch that? Lies tell you things too coz people tell them for a reason.

Prison Staff

The beliefs that feed despair and hinder action to abolish the death penalty are 1) our lawmakers are too powerful and corrupt and 2) survivors of victims of violent crime will never cease wanting revenge upon the guilty, falsely believing that another death will give them peace.

Pharmaceutical companies have given us an example to follow by refusing to continue supplying drugs for executions. This could have and should have been the death of the death penalty. Instead, man looked to get the necessary drugs on the black market. Man chose to experiment on human beings to determine the best way to commit government-sanctioned murder with alternative drugs. Some states are even considering bringing back the diabolical practice of electrocution.

I say it is time to follow in the pharmaceutical companies’ footsteps. Where are the men and women who will take a stand and risk losing their job by simply refusing to carry out the execution?

Think about that…

Guards in Texas have joined the inmates’ lawsuit to have air-conditioning. This legal battle has raged on for years. Certainly the guards have helped by joining the lawsuit. I say it is time they step it up a notch:

You can’t run a prison, even for an hour, without guards.

With the conviction and spirit of Norma Rae, those Texas prison guards need to go on strike. With a strong enough show of solidarity, they would get their air-conditioning. Whoever was called in to try to run the prison in lieu of the striking guards would quickly understand and most-likely support the reason for their absence.

If you are reading this telling yourself “Well it’s just not that easy…” I say to you “Yes – it is.” Man sees as reasons what are often just excuses. It’s called avoidance and some practice it constantly and with great skill.


Anyone looking to hire an attorney should steer clear of Judy Clarke. No matter how dire your situation or gloomy your prognosis for a favorable outcome, it will not improve with this woman on your team.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that a defense attorney simply does not stand up in a court of law and in opening statements tell the court their client is guilty. This just is not done!

I have seen talking heads go to great lengths in the media to explain why her statement was strategic, why she had no choice. There simply is no defense for her behavior. The shock I feel now when I recall the moment she condemned her own client is as great as the shock I felt on the day she spoke the fatal words. They should have ended her career as surely as they ended Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s chance for a fair trial. She should be disbarred. Instead, she is still involved in his case. This is an outrage and I am tired of it.

I will blog about this case until Dzhokhar is exonerated and set free. And I will not be the only one speaking out in support of him. Already there are many voices joining mine and we will not be silenced. We will not cave in to threats. If threats are made we will tell the world.

The government’s favorite way to exact “cooperation” is to threaten to reveal the lurid details, the failures, mistakes and sins of a person’s life. I beat them to it by blogging about mine for I learned this a long time ago:

 The only thing that has power over you is your secrets.

I hope more people will begin to follow my example. I feel a mixture of disdain and sadness for good people, honorable attorneys, who would fight for Dzhokhar but are afraid because of threats to their lives and careers and families. Threats only work when the one threatened keeps secret the fact of the threat.

If I were an attorney considering involvement, desiring to lead team Tsarnaev to victory, I would prepare my person, my family members, my dog, my cars, my house, my yard, my offices, my bank accounts, my church, my friends before announcing my intentions.  Bugs, wires, tape recorders and well-understood, well-rehearsed instructions – these would be the new normal. The inconvenience of it all would be a small price to pay.

Where are the attorneys willing to do what it takes to slay Goliath in the Boston Marathon bombing case? Are you laboring in obscurity in a small practice?  If you are, know this: the time of your revealing will come and God will protect you and all that is dear to you. I believe He is speaking to your heart even now. This blog post may be just the final nudge you need to confirm that yes, you are hearing from the Lord and He wants you to take this case.

I have to laugh when I hear some of the things being said to keep people the wicked fear in line. One such thing was said to me, ironically, by an attorney.

The EEOC gave me a Right-To-Sue letter after reviewing my quite substantial documentation about my employer and the hostile work environment I continued to endure. At the point I finally received this most significant decision, I was mentally and emotionally broken from the daily stress of the situation. As a result, I deliberately chose not to obtain an attorney within the time period allowed by law. I simply did not feel I could handle a court case after all I had been through. My recovery from depression and anxiety was shaky at best and I feared a relapse with good reason.

I remember, and cringe at the thought, the conversation I had with my then-supervisor. I can still hear myself saying I was taking the high road, not wanting to jeopardize my recovery from depression etc.

She must have been turning cartwheels inside. This same supervisor is the person who fabricated a very serious lie that was used to fire me after my Right-To-Sue letter expired.

I did find an attorney who agreed to handle my wrongful termination case. Upon hearing the details of my allegations, he agreed the case was very strong with every expectation of a significant monetary settlement.

He was right about the strength of my case and that is why my former employer paid him to drop me as a client. Never mind how I know this; you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I will never forget the lie he used to justify dropping my case: “I spoke to their attorneys and they will be all over you for not pursuing that Right-to-Sue letter” to which I replied “So?”

He said this as if that should settle the matter…

The truth is a powerful thing. So are those who tell it. A truthful man is hard to persuade with lies and deception for he sees right through the smoke to what lies behind it.

He was so frustrated. Clearly I was not going down easily. If he had had the strength of character to resist a bribe, I would have been a force to be reckoned with when he put me on the witness stand.

He finally threw up his hands and simply walked (quickly) away from me. I stood there stunned, holding the retainer check in my hand.

He told me all I needed to know about his character when he said “I spoke to their attorneys…”

Why on earth would he have done that? I’ll tell you:

Most attorneys don’t want to work that hard. They don’t really want a fight. They want to take cases they can win. And global corporations like I was suing don’t like to lose. A bribe here and there is no big deal to them.

I may not have walked away with any money, but the knowledge I gained about the games some attorneys play and the lies they tell was priceless. I will use every bit of that knowledge to help Dzhokhar wherever and however I can.

Dzhokhar should have taken the stand in his first trial. In the appeal, he had better be insisting on it. And he had better be reading his attorney’s opening and closing statements before he gives them permission to say a word in his defense.

Besides God Himself, the person who can do the most to save Dzhokhar is Dzhokhar. I hope someone is telling him that instead of trying to fill his head with lies to keep him compliant and passive i.e. incarcerated and silent.

Just like the talking heads tried to explain why Judy Clarke saying “it was him” was a rational and justifiable thing to do, these same “legal experts” have also tried to explain why it would have been too risky to put Dzhokhar on the stand.

The only risk to putting Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, an innocent man, on the stand, is to the prosecution. They have a narrative of deception to sell. They have government secrets of criminal wrongdoing to protect. Dzhokhar would ruin all that and the prosecution knows it.

So did the first defense team.

Remember, they had been threatened not to resist conviction from the highest offices of our government. They admitted that much to the family and even if they had not, it is the only thing that explains their ineffective and counterproductive behavior in court.

Hopefully, his second defense team will not repeat that performance.

By the way, another reason the government must keep the SAMs in place is to ensure that solitary confinement has the most damaging effect possible on Dzhokhar in order that he will be mentally and emotionally unfit to testify in his own defense. Someone needs to file a lawsuit against the federal government challenging the SAMs on those grounds. If I were an attorney, I would gladly argue that case.

Another lie told to keep skilled attorneys with heart and character from taking on certain cases is “You will never practice law again. This will be your last case if you take it.”

Those who spew such nonsense forget two things: God and history.

The protection of Almighty God is real and nothing to be challenged. When a person has this protection, they know it.

Well-known pastor David Jeremiah told of a time when he traveled by plane quite frequently to do the work of the ministry. Once, when waiting for a flight to take off, he experienced a mini panic attack. If the plane should crash, he thought, what would happen to his family etc.

The Lord said this to him: “God’s man, in the center of God’s will, is immortal until God is done with him.”

Those words brought him immediate peace. To this day Pastor Jeremiah knows he is divinely protected until such time as the Lord decides his work here on earth is done and it is time to take his faithful servant home.

I have the same assurance.

This also explains why Dzhokhar is still alive. God has work yet for this young man to do.

After this case concludes, the attorney or attorneys who successfully defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be rock stars. To successfully defend a notorious client and obtain a not-guilty verdict against enormous odds can transport an unknown attorney into the stuff-of-legend category. They command the highest fees and there are always clients ready and able to pay them. History has shown this to be true.

I wrote a letter to one such attorney and we had a meeting. All that was missing was the means to pay. If and when the means are there we will talk again as their involvement in this case would be a game-changer. Dzhokhar deserves to have the playing field leveled. This one attorney would more than level the playing field, they would own it.

Somewhere, God is speaking to the person who can pay the six-figure legal fee demanded by this attorney. I am the sole administrator of this blog. All first-time, unapproved comments can be seen by my eyes only and all comments also show the email address of the sender therefore allowing me to respond directly via email. In this way we could begin a private conversation.

I would not divulge the name of this attorney easily. You would be vetted for both our protection and I am sure you would understand and expect this. There are simply too many agents posing as supporters for this to be handled any other way.

As I watched “Sons of Liberty” yesterday, I was interested to learn that one man funded the colonists’ resistance to Great Britain:  John Hancock. God always supplies. He always makes a way. And His timing is always perfect.


Many I talk to despair that against all odds, Hillary Rodham Clinton will indeed be the next president of this country.

Those who refuse to see her lack of integrity, character, morals and ethics, those who refuse to admit the crimes both Clintons have already committed, may deserve and want her as a president but I do not.

We have already seen what she will be like in the White House. The tiger’s stripes are not going to change. Books have been written to expose the Clintons but more scandals will come while bribes and threats are employed to manage the possibility of consequences. This meeting with Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton is just another round in the already-established pattern of behavior that the mainstream media is all too willing to minimize or ignore completely.

Who else can prevent this degenerate human being from ascending to the office of the presidency but the voters? Just because the globalist agenda says Hillary Clinton is to be the next president, we, the people, do not have to allow it.

We can stop obsessing about the rough edges of Donald Trump and wailing over what are surely minor offenses in light of the real crimes Hillary Clinton has already committed, and keep this godless, shameless woman and her equally repugnant husband out of the White House.

If we do not do all in our power to expose and bring down this epitome of evil, then I must conclude it is because more people than not are described by John 3:19 “This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light; for their deeds are evil.”

This country has waited a long time to see a woman elected President. If Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman to hold that office, her behavior and performance will ensure that it will be a long time, if ever, until we see another. All that she does will be blamed on our gender. Mark my words.

If Hillary is elected President, other nations will no longer hate the U.S. because of our government. They will finally begin to realize our government exists because we, the people allow it to exist and the obvious conclusion will be they will begin to hate the U.S. because of us.

We can turn things around with the power of common men who possess uncommon dedication to a country worth defending, worth saving and worth singing about. If we do nothing, we have only ourselves to blame.

God bless America, land that I love!

Stand beside her and guide her

Through the night with a light from above.

From the mountains, to the prairies,

To the oceans white with foam

God bless America, my home sweet home!




5 thoughts on “The Problem with America Isn’t the U.S. – It’s Us”

  1. Excellent blog Lynn! You show no fear when it comes down to telling the truth and you are respected for that! SAMS is like black tape over Jahars mouth and the corruption of the govt will forever have it taped considering if they ever decide to rip that tape from his mouth….truth will come out and expose the govt for what they are…CORRUPTED. I won’t be silenced as well. It will take a lot for someone to silence me and I will stick by Jahars innocence until he is exonerated. As I watched fireworks explode in the air on fourth of July I admit they were beautiful but I did not enjoy myself because freedom for whom? When there are many wrongfully convicted prisoners wishing for their freedom including Jahar. I imagined his eyes watching those fireworks light the night sky…As I watched the colorful lights blast into the night sky I prayed that Jahar will one day be able to see those same colorful lights as they blast into the sky when he is exonerated and we celebrate his freedom..🎆🎇 After all as supporters of his innocence, our freedom does not start until his does. Great blog Lynn…keep being a voice! You have me proud!

    1. Funny you should mention that Lincoln about watching fireworks and what you felt or rather didn’t feel. Knowing all that we do now, I experienced the same hollowness, the same emptiness as I watched people celebrating our corrupted country this year. It was very sad for me and I did think of Jahar too…

  2. Wow Lynn!! I can feel the depth of your passion. I agree with everything you say. People need to be on fire like you are. When people make lots of noise, things can and do happen. I’m so happy the guards have joined in the lawsuit, of course it really benefits them too. If it didn’t they never would have supported it. Judy Clarke should be not only be disbarred, but should be in prison for taking part in a gov. conspiracy to allow the murder of an innocent person. The SAMs serve many purposes for the gov, the FBI and the prosecution. It’s as if Dzhokhar were no longer in the picture. Dzhokhar can’t speak to anyone about his case, the family is silenced, the defense cannot speak out unlike the prosecution who can freely leak anything they want to the propaganda press. Witnesses for the defense can’t speak, no one can write to Dzhokhar and so much more. SAMs left the gov all the freedom they wanted to carry out this wrongful conviction. This is what SAMs are for, certainly not to protect anyone, except the gov.
    As for Hillary, you are absolutely right. Many of the serious and horrible problems in the US today were created by the Clintons. Mass incarceration, over charging, ridiculously long sentences, nothing but mass injustice, and they are all for the death penalty. They care about no one but themselves and their wealthy powerful friends. Yes, where are all the decent good people? Surely they do exist. Keep speaking out with the truth. It’s the only way to change anything. Great post!!

    1. Julie, your continuing support means more each time I hear from you! Tonight the Boston fireworks are being shown on TV, reminding me of a group of people who could effect such change but so far have not: I refer to jurors, who are the last line of defense against corruption in any case. I sincerely hope none of the jurors are there who convicted Dzhokhar and sentenced him to death after hearing and seeing no evidence to prove his guilt. They don’t deserve to be – they should be hanging their heads in shame! How dare any of them celebrate freedom when they took away Dzhokhar’s.

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