The Waiting Game

Today in Florida we wait to see what negative impact the passing of Tropical Storm Colin will have. Bracing for bad news is never fun no matter how long one has to prepare.

For some reason, during this period of waiting for the storm to hit, I began thinking about all of Dzhokhar’s friends who will likely be released from prison before Dzhokhar himself.

Let there no longer be any doubt: Yes, I still believe in Dzhokhar’s innocence and in the certainty that Almighty God will effect his exoneration and release while I am still alive to see it.

Now back to Dzhokhar’s friends…

I believe the first one due to be released is Khairullozhon Matanov.

I hate what he has been put through. I hate what my government did to him. My disgust and disdain for those responsible for Khairullozhon’s false imprisonment and mistreatment while so imprisoned is total, valid and shared by many.

To arrest, convict and imprison a person, causing them to lose everything, for doing nothing more than deleting some computer files out of fear that those files may have made them look like a terrorist is unconscionable.

People in other countries don’t hate America for its wealth and freedoms. They hate America for what it does to people like Khairullozhon Matanov. And yet America keeps doing it.

What Judge Young said to Khair at sentencing was, to be polite, uncalled for. Judge Young, village idiot who got his judicial panties in a wad on the day of sentencing – how Khair found the inner strength to stay calm and withstand his barrage of undeserved, hurtful and insulting words is beyond me. How Khair endured what he suffered in the months spent in prison is also beyond me.

My hope is that he has held onto his humanity in the face of inhumanity. My hope is that he has held onto his dignity while untold indignities have been suffered upon him. My hope is that in spite of evil’s best efforts to fill him with hate and make him into a terrorist, Khair will emerge from prison as the law-abiding, hard-working, thoughtful, family-oriented young man he was before.

I read that Khair will be subject to three years of supervised probation and then deported. This continuance of heavy-handed and totally unjustified tactics will only tell the American people their government has big secrets of in-house bad behavior to protect.

Do they really think deporting these kids after their release is going to keep them quiet? Hasn’t the FBI ever heard the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”

If a country mistreated me in the manner these boys have suffered then booted me out of the country afterwards, I would be even more inclined to tell whatever I did know to anyone who would listen.

In fact, I would probably become a prolific blogger and tweeter. I would let the world know just how I was entrapped and threatened and abused. I would tell in intimate detail what I had done to try to assist the authorities. I would explain my thought processes.

Kind of like I do now on this blog…

I only hope we don’t have to endure reading about the sad and sudden passing of each of these boys once they are released and deported. If my government finds a way to make each of these boys “fall out of a helicopter in a training exercise” so-to-speak I will feel pain and outrage to my very core. My only comfort in that instance would be in knowing that my Heavenly Father sees all and is not sitting idle.

Just yesterday He spoke to me again about those who are guilty of the Boston Marathon bombing and all the crimes related and connected to it – which includes the crimes committed against all of Dzhokhar’s friends. Here is what He said:

“Of whom were you worried and fearful when you lied and did not remember Me nor give Me a thought? Was I not silent even for a long time so you do not fear Me?” Isaiah 57:11

This is a question God will ask of the wicked one day and they will have to give an answer. God will not be silent forever.

I love the way WordPress works.

As the sole administrator of this blog, I have complete control over what comments get published and what comments do not. When a person comments under any blog post, I get an email containing the comment. If they have never had a comment approved before, no one sees the comment but me. I also see the email address of the person who sent the comment.

If I so choose, I can delete the comment, respond to the person in an email, advise the commenter who I am in the subject line of the email, and we can begin a conversation in total privacy. As long as I never approve the comment, no one will ever know I am in contact with the person who sent it.

I am pleased to have become a voice for the voiceless. I accept my calling and gifting as one of God’s end-time prophets. If, by identifying as such, a certain segment of the population is offended or amused, so be it.

Maybe someday, upon their release, Khair or another of Dzhokhar’s friends will contact me through this blog.  As God is my protection and shield, I will not be afraid to say, with His leading and their permission, whatever story they would like the world to know.

“No man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Just as I have been with Moses, I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you.” Joshua 1:5

I love truth and remain committed to it. A prophet can do no less. It is who we are. We do not delete files. And when we or those we love are threatened, we tell the world.

And God, in His perfect timing, does the rest. To Him be all the glory.



7 thoughts on “The Waiting Game”

  1. Awesome post Lynn!! You speak the bare truth of what goes on in your country. It’s more than deplorable what happened to all of these young men. I believe it was done to further demonize Dzhokhar by showing the public that his friends were all bad too, even though they were all just innocent peaceful young guys., like Dzhokhar himself. I wrote to Khair in jail and he wrote back to me. He described what happened to him , ” It was like a huge vulture was flying around and around this innocent defenseless sparrow swooping down on him now and then just to cause that little bird fear, and eventually grabbed the sparrow and destroyed him for no reason at all, just to be cruel”. He was so worried about his mother back home and longed to hear her voice on the phone. His letter was sad but the words he used to describe things were so beautiful. Another innocent life severely damaged, by the real terrorists who work hand in hand together with the us gov, the FBI. How can they live with themselves, oh I forgot, they are evil sociopaths and psychopaths who feel nothing. Wish I could be a fly on the wall as each of them in their own time come face to face with God.

    1. Wow Julie! This comment, like the one from Susan Borts who also communicates with Khair, deserves to be seen… I tweeted about her comment asking people to go to the blog and read it. I will be doing the same regarding this comment from you later today. Thank you for it!

  2. Thank you, Leah for another great post. I could not agree more with what you have to say concerning Khairullozhon Matanov. A kind and thoughtful young man who DID go to police thinking he might be of some help, only to have it result in his own detriment. The FBI and US Attorney saw it as an opportunity to twist the truth and run with it, perhaps to further their “tough on terrorism” positions or simply because they can, who knows.

    At the sentencing, Judge Young was off the rails. I know, I was there in the courtroom and heard his comments first hand. The judge’s comments and “add-ons” were ugly, cruel and draconian in light of the alleged offenses. For example, Khairullozhon must now get the approval of the Head of the DHS (currently Jeh Johnson) before he may even be considered for a visa to enter this country again. I’m not sure this is even legal. Any wonder Khairullozhon opted for a plea deal despite stating he firmly believed himself innocent? With a judge like this and the previous convictions of Tazhayakov, Kadyrbaev and Philoppos, it was clear a fair trial in Boston whether by judge or jury would never have occurred in his case.

    Judge Young is not stupid, but apparently lacks the courage and conviction to buck the prevailing opinions of the home town crowd in favor of truth and justice. This case is just another reason why people do not believe there is any justice in our Justice system. Instead of being part of the effort to overhaul and improve the system, Judge Young chose to remain part of the problem as exemplified by his demeanor and behavior in the handling of this case.

    I don’t believe that Khairullozhon will do any probation time unless the ICE court decides against deportation, which seems unlikely in the current political climate. Khairullozhon will be taken in to ICE custody on August 3rd. Hopefully he won’t have to wait weeks or months in their custody before he learns whether he may stay in the US or be deported.

    What seems particularly sad about this is that Khairullozhon is exactly the kind of immigrant this country says it wants. Hard-working, tax paying, generous to friends and family, personable and kind, Khairullizhon loves the US, loves living here and had hoped to bring his family here to live, too. If he ends up being deported, it will be our loss and another strong condemnation of our legal system.

    Thanks again for focusing on Khairullozhon in you column and for allowing my lengthy comment. You are greatly appreciated!

    1. You are too Susan… How I wish I were in a financial position to go to someone and advocate on his behalf.

  3. Great blog Lynn! As an American I hate the way Matanov was convicted of something that did not remotely close deserve a sentence for. Something so exaggerated and silly that this crooked justice system sometimes leaves me embarrassed to be an American . As if it were not enough that he was convicted for simply deleting files he received torturous beatings in jail. A cruel unfair system we have running our prisons. It is truly sickening when the government does not know when to stop. Enough is enough of their cruelment. I am proud and honored Lynn that you are a voice for the voiceless. Jahar…Matanov…Kadyrbayev… And
    Phillipos…need people like you who speak volumes when it comes to their innocence. Without people like you blogging for the truth and their innocence they becomes another voiceless prisoner living in the darkness of the biased justice system . America land of the free and home of the brave has sadly become land of the cruel and home of unusual punishments…great writing Lynn…as ALWAYS!!

    1. Thank you for continuing to support the cause for these unfortunate souls caught in the grip of our country’s cruel ways.

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