Important Update to Balloon Release Event- Please Read If You Plan to Participate!

Many have expressed their intent to participate in the April 19th balloon release that was to be a symbolic gesture expressing our hope for the release of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from death row, where he awaits execution for a crime we know he did not commit.

Several people have reached out to me with the same concern. Balloon releases are lovely and symbolic but bad for the environment and dangerous to wildlife. When I planned this event, I was not aware.

Now that I am, I feel it would not be right to proceed as planned. Knowing what we do about the kind of person Dzhokhar is, I feel strongly he would not want something done in his name that would cause harm to the environment or wildlife.

I ask everyone who plans to participate in this event to choose an alternate outward symbolic act to perform on April 19th.

If everyone could comment at the bottom of this blog post and share on Twitter what you plan to do that would be great.

I have decided to plant Forget-Me-Nots in honor of Dzhokhar and in the soil I will bury a Bible verse, one of the many promises God has given me about a good outcome for Dzhokhar.

We know Dzhokhar to be a kind, compassionate, compliant and giving person. We know he mentored and volunteered, that he was always ready to help others. I feel sure this change of plans would make him smile if he knew.

The group that reached out has offered some good alternatives: plant a tree, scatter seeds, blow bubbles, light a candle…

If the day is windy enough, you could even fly a kite that says FREE JAHAR!

Another idea I had was to weave a ring of wildflowers, attach a note saying FREE JAHAR and let it go in a stream or other body of water.

If I could afford the $19.95 cost, I would pay to have a star named after him. Wouldn’t that be cool? I went on and discovered this is a very easy process.

A Catholic friend of mine bought masses for Dzhokhar. I don’t profess to know fully how that works but I understood her intention and deeply appreciate the gesture.

For only $6K – $8K you could hire a skywriter pilot to write FREE JAHAR across the heavens… Ok, ok, maybe we’ll save that for the day he is set free…




Published by: iwasleah10years

Winston Churchill said no crime is so great as daring to excel. I am ready to take that dare. An unexpected and somewhat unexplainable compassion for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has drawn me out of my comfort zone.


10 thoughts on “Important Update to Balloon Release Event- Please Read If You Plan to Participate!”

  1. I was all set for the balloon release, but now I’m going to sprinkle wild flower seeds in the field across the street from me. I’ll be able to see them grow and bloom. It’s a busy street and many others will see the flowers also. I’ll make a sign- free Dzhokhar and stick it in the ground among the flowers, then everyone will know.

    1. Oh Julie… I am so blessed today, so comforted in my heart, to know that people like you, like Lincoln, like Arvin and all the others too numerous to name walk this earth… I thank you as deeply as if Jahar were my own child… In many ways – he belongs to all who love him. I am really looking forward to hearing more and more beautiful stories of how support for Jahar will be expressed on the 19th!

  2. I think flying a kite with Free Jahar written on it is a great idea. The purpose should be for the world around to look at it. Also make a T-shirt that says Free Jahar and wear it on that day. That would send a message.

    1. Arvin, you are right: it is important for the world around us to see – I had quite forgot in my newfound concern for the environment. And both kites and T-shirts are great ideas! You have my wheels turning… Writing a new blog post right now and I will be sure to mention you. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I love this alternative! I was selfish and not even thinking about the environment until brought to my attention. You are right Lynn. Jahar wouldn’t want us harming the environment in any way in his name. I will plant a tree that flowers so that each flower that blooms beautifully, that is a bloom that is in Jahar’s honor. Can’t wait to participate!!!

      1. Will do Lynn…Hibiscus have flowers year round. That is a great idea. Lynn!!! I have to do it!!! I’m buying that star! Will purchase it tomorrow!! Can you imagine, Jahar will live in the sky forever! Stars are forever!!!🌟

    1. Lincoln, you will not believe the songs I found that mention the exact ways we are coming up with to express our support for Jahar’s freedom… I am writing a new blog post that will include these songs. The lyrics are so incredible it is as if these songs were written with a heavenly purpose the artist had no way of knowing…

      1. Can’t wait Lynn for that blog! Last time a perfect song was added in the previous blog it left me in tears..looking forward to this one😊

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