More Reasons to Doubt Who Authored the Boat Note”

I may never be able to prove this in a court of law, but I have proven it in my own heart: Dzhokhar did not write that boat note.

I wanted to blog about this over a month ago when it first happened but I talked myself out of it. Now that I have had a repeat of the experience that led me to my opening conclusion, I have at last decided it needs to be shared.

Other than suffering from severe migraines, I am in reasonably good health. Anyone who has ever had a severe migraine knows they are no minor ailment. The pain and nausea debilitate.

As the hours pass it becomes hard to think rationally. You become desperate. Your thoughts narrow down to a small tunnel of begging God to make it stop. You try not to make any unnecessary moves. You are completely at the mercy of the migraine.

Why would I talk about this on this blog? What does this have to do with Dzhokhar and the boat note?

In the middle of my suffering on both occasions, I suddenly remembered the physical conditions Dzhokhar was experiencing as he lay in that boat, waiting to die. It was startling how out of the blue it was just so clear to me: he couldn’t have written that note in his condition anymore than I could have.

The pain of injury to the face and hands is excruciating due to the number of nerve endings in those parts of the body.
Dzhokhar, as we know, was shot in the face and one hand, most likely when he drove through a hail of bullets to escape. The police were probably aiming high as they shot through the windows of the SUV. The injuries to his legs probably came when he was fired upon in the boat.

Pictures of the apartment the brothers shared showed dinner on the table, dinner they never got to eat. An attempt to get snacks and drinks at the convenience store was also interrupted and abandoned. At the time of his capture, I was struck by how gaunt Dzhokhar looked.

Why do I mention this? Certain things happen to the body as the hours pass with no food and no water. Migraines with severe vomiting produce the same effects Dzhokhar would have begun to feel: muscle cramping, heart pounding, sweating, confusion, electrolytes all out of whack. You add severe pain and high stress and you are in real trouble. You don’t feel like writing a thesis at times like that. That ‘s a fact.

Dzhokhar was in Mr. Henneberry’s boat under a tarp with no fresh air longer than I lay on my couch in the air conditioning. My agony went on for 15 hours. I was too sick to text or dial the phone. I could barely move. I could barely imagine having to talk. I’m not being dramatic.

I tried to imagine Dzhokhar in a similar state feeling around for something to write with. It is preposterous.

All you have to do is experience a major migraine to know it.

Like I said, I may never prove this theory in a court of law, but I know it in the depths of my being: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev did not write that boat note. He couldn’t have if he wanted to. His body simply would not have let him.

And if he somehow did, then he is Superman and no lethal injection will stop him. Bring on the Kryptonite.

Or better yet, set him free.

Published by: iwasleah10years

Winston Churchill said no crime is so great as daring to excel. I am ready to take that dare. An unexpected and somewhat unexplainable compassion for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has drawn me out of my comfort zone.


5 thoughts on “More Reasons to Doubt Who Authored the Boat Note””

  1. very good Lynn! I never thought Dzhokhar wrote the boat note due to many things, but one of them was his physical condition. We know he had gun shot wounds, we know he was bleeding. By the time of his capture it had been almost 19 hours (maybe much longer) since he had a drink of water, any food. He was in pain, extremely stressed and full of anxiety and fear. As you have written, he simply was in no condition to think about writing an essay, looking for something to write with, or where to write it. He probably lay in the boat the whole time drifting in and out of sleep hoping for relief of some kind.

  2. Love it! Love it! Love it! Love the Superman Kryptonite part! The ending was fascinating! Great writing Lynn…you’re right. He did not write that boat note. Although I say he was shot in the mouth after being captured…he was tired and hungry and weak. Impossible! Not to mention cold hard facts don’t add up like the sharpened pencil…slippery panel…and not his handwriting. I will never know your pain.. Nor his…so I can’t imagine what you all feel and how debilitating it is. But I know one thing like you….the note was not written by him! Great writing Lynn….like ALWAYS!!

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