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A note from the author about this blog:

“I created Writing the Wrong for Jahar as a gift to those who care about and support Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. This blog is a safe place to find comfort when the awareness of the scale of injustice in this case becomes too much to bear. For that reason, negative and/or dissenting comments and opinions will not be published. I make no apology for that decision. There are plenty forums where lively disagreement is welcomed and encouraged, if that is your thing. This blog is mine and I thank all those who continue to support it.”    – Lynn

Today, I read about the upcoming book by Juror 83. I am still shaking my head. The press release says “Through his eyes, we experience the emotional roller coaster of listening to the victims’ testimonies and feel the pain left in the wake of that terrifying attack as he struggles to do the right thing. To bring justice to the friends and families of the victims.”

So let’s stop there a moment. The press release goes on, but I want to address those two statements first.

A juror is a person who decides the facts of a case in a court of law. In a criminal trial, they are charged with the responsibility of deciding whether, on the facts of the case, a person is guilty or not guilty of the offence for which he/she has been charged. The jury must reach its verdict by considering only the evidence introduced in court and the directions of the judge.

Nowhere in that definition do I read that a juror has a responsibility to do the right thing and bring justice to the friends and families of the victims. They simply are there to listen and evaluate and make an unbiased, unemotional decision. This juror obviously was not able, by his own admission in writing this book, to do that. He came in as a crusader, thinking he had a mission, a duty, which, in fact, he did not.

If he had done his job, and only his job, as a juror, the “right thing,” the “bringing justice to the friends and families of the victims” part, would have been a by-product. As it stands now, he has failed miserably and is trying to profit from it as well.

The catch phrases in those two sentences are “emotional roller coaster” and “feel the pain.” Imagine if the press release said “listen to the facts” and/or “evaluate the evidence in the case.” The prosecution actually had no “case,” just a bunch of gory, emotionally wrenching stories from victims who neither saw nor heard Dzhokhar Tsarnaev do anything to cause that pain and suffering. If they had had a case, they would have presented actual witnesses, not victims.

I feel nothing but shame and outrage for a defense team who did not defend, who meekly sat there as victim after victim took the stand, told of their experience of suffering and sat back down when the words “We have no questions, your Honor” gave them permission to do so.

The writer of this book calls this “listening to evidence?” These stories were nothing different than the accounts we had all watched on TV and read about on the internet and in newspapers and magazines for the two years leading up to the trial.

As revealing as those two sentences are about Juror 83 and his lack of understanding of his role and lack of fitness to serve, this next sentence was even more incredible in what it told me:

“FROM THE MOMENT HE SETS FOOT INTO THE COURT ROOM, Juror 83 is burdened by the knowledge that on the last day of deliberations he will have to decide whether or not another human being dies, and that he will have to live with that decision for the rest of his life.”


From the moment he sets foot into the court room?

Even if he listened to all the “evidence” and found Dzhokhar “not guilty?”

Of course not.

Then there would have been no penalty phase. But then again, this juror, like the other eleven, already knew, already decided Dzhokhar was guilty. And now, in the press release for his self-serving book, without meaning to, Juror 83 tells us that.

One who goes open-minded and impartial into a court of law to decide a case is not “burdened by the knowledge that on the last day of deliberations he will have to decide whether or not another human being dies” because he reminds himself that he does not know if the person is guilty or innocent at the start of the trial. And, he further tells himself, if the evidence does not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, then, terrible as the crime was, the accused must be found innocent and released.

I will be interested to see if any of the following things happen as a result of this blog post:

1. Will anyone from the defense use this information to file for a mistrial for obvious, and now provable in paperback form, reasons?
2. Will the release date of the book be suddenly pushed back or cancelled altogether?
3. Will the press release be re-worded?

This is the information publicly available about Juror 83:


Occuption: Student.

Does he have a presumption of guilt? Unsure.

In jury questioning, he said “I don’t think this is a case of mistaken identity so obviously he was involved in something.”

What is his position on the death penalty? No opinion, but open.

Additional information:
He is studying psychology with a minor in neuroscience, but said he is taking a semester off school because his financial aid fell through.

After he left jury questioning, defense attorney Judy Clarke was overheard saying “He’s very eager.”


And now, most likely, we know why.

Published by: iwasleah10years

Winston Churchill said no crime is so great as daring to excel. I am ready to take that dare. An unexpected and somewhat unexplainable compassion for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has drawn me out of my comfort zone.


10 thoughts on “About the Book”

  1. Reblogged this on Jahar's Mom and commented:
    This was nothing short of an amazing post. As it turns out, the book seems to have indeed vanished off the face of the earth. The original release date said September 30th, 2015 and then was pushed back to October 30th (which is what the website still says) but there is still no book. And I’m not expecting one any time soon.

      1. They can’t ignore us! It’s actually Patchy from the French blog Priez Pour Dzhokhar who told me a while ago and then I found your blog and it’s all just been coming together since then…

  2. I have no doubt that the release date will either be pushed back or it will be cancelled altogether. As for the defense… they can’t even be called a defense team. They did absolutely nothing to benefit Dzhokhar. I don’t see them or anyone doing a whole lot else.. The judge was clearly biased and knew victims and witnesses. Sided with the prosecution the ENTIRE time. Didn’t allow certain things to be brought up. This trial was so upsetting. His trial should have been moved day one. How many reports were there of jurors falling asleep? That should be a mistrial right there. This biased juror is trying to make a quick buck. And I won’t give it to him if his book is released. This is a great blog post and points out a lot of good stuff. I would love to believe somebody somewhere will take this info and use it in Dzhokhar’s favor. But all my hopes for Dzhokhar during his trial were so high…and every single one have been shot down. He needs a miracle. He needs someone who will defend n question everything the pros throws at them.. he needs a retrial with an unbiased judge and jury in a location other than boston.. i pray everyday that i will see the day justice is served for him… hopefully it comes sooner than later. Thank you to you and everybody else who has stood by his side during this. He needs us. His family needs us… this country needs us…

  3. Very many completely un-Christian thoughts going through my mind after reading about this fellow….Forgive me, Father…
    Splendid piece, thank you.
    We still don’t know why Dzhokhar has been sentenced,or for what, but we know who’s gonna profit from attempting to kill yet another child! This calls for Divine intervention….

  4. Let me say sorry, I am not a great wordsmith and never will be politically correct …but no offense intended to anyone!
    WTF is this jerk doing and he too can sit the fuck down…Serving on an American jury should be considered a privelege and honor! One is charged with reaching deep into their souls, listen, and then vote!!! Hear This All !!! This was not a TRIAL !!!! It was a damn circus, put on by our Government to keep all Americans pacified! A trial is the presentation of evidence. Maybe I missed it. I heard no defense!! Attorneys, family, evidence, photos , interviews etc., etc, etc., were kept from the public at large…all truth was “blocked”, because this 19 year old kid and his brother either knew or saw too much! A real terrorist, so fierce, was Jahar…did he hide? He bought milk, milk people, not even chocolate…so frightening was this boy…he wanted to save lives, enhance life, smoke a joint and watch fireworks…It must be me !! MPO, if that kid committed a crime…he sure as hell was not aware !

  5. Great input Lynn! You’re right…that juror along with the rest of the jurors only had one thing in mind…revenge for the victims. Revenge for Boston. There was lack of evidence and unprofound mistakes addressed in that courtroom. It was unfair to Jahar, his family and not to mention America. I mean that is why the justice system was made right. Innocent until proven guilty….well in my view Jahar is innocent because prosecution did not prove him guilty. Great blog Lynn…👏

  6. This is brilliant and profound Lynn!! It proves what we have all been saying. The jurors were bias long before any trial even started. Here is an excerpt from an interview that Jim Armstrong has done with a juror, though we don’t know what juror:
    “Of course. Am I overly worried about it or overly angst about it? No, and I hope I don’t ever have to become that way, but I think it’s better to be aware than to be naive,” he said. “I do still feel that we gave the appropriate punishment.”
    Would he do it again?
    “If it was my choice and I had a say in it? I probably wouldn’t. “ (not sure what he means by this. Did he not have a choice in his/her decision) below is the article from today in full.
    Hope it’s ok with you, but I’m emailing this detailed revealing post to Miriam Conrad right now. Thank you for this Lynn!

    1. Julie, it is more than OK with me! Thank you! That juror was obviously smart enough to figure out if he got on that jury and wrote a book he could pay for rest of his schooling. Disgusting.

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