It has been a long day and sleepless night for many of us who support Jahar. I have struggled to decide what I believe after his startling statement in court yesterday.

At the end of my struggle, I went where the evidence, not his words, takes me. Maybe someday I will understand why Jahar would want to mislead me with, of all things, an admission of guilt. In the meantime, I have decided…

IF IT WAS HIM the prosecution would have shown real evidence during the guilt phase of the trial.

IF IT WAS HIM victims would not have been substituted for actual eye-witnesses during the guilt phase.

IF IT WAS HIM his friends would not have been victims of prosecutorial overreach.

IF IT WAS HIM others would not have been named as suspects who suddenly disappeared or were deported, never to be mentioned again.

IF IT WAS HIM Ibrahim Todashev would not be dead at the hand of an FBI agent with a shady past.

IF IT WAS HIM they wouldn’t have tried so hard to kill him before taking him into custody.

IF IT WAS HIM they wouldn’t have waited until four months after his arrest to place him under SAMs.

IF IT WAS HIM he would have been allowed to choose his own attorneys.

IF IT WAS HIM the backpacks would have matched.

IF IT WAS HIM the videos would clearly have shown what happened.

IF IT WAS HIM fingerprint evidence would have pointed to him.

IF IT WAS HIM phone record evidence would have pointed to him.

IF IT WAS HIM DNA evidence would have pointed to him.

IF IT WAS HIM the path of extremist material from device to device would have pointed to him.

IF IT WAS HIM Judge O’Toole would have agreed to a change of venue, knowing that the strength of the evidence would convict him anywhere the case was tried.

IF IT WAS HIM Danny wouldn’t have changed his story again and again.

IF IT WAS HIM Danny wouldn’t have said Jahar was clearly the follower and Tamerlan the leader.

IF IT WAS HIM they would have disappeared immediately following the bombing.

IF IT WAS HIM we would know now who made the bombs and where.

IF IT WAS HIM he would have rushed the police and died beside his brother because terrorists look down the barrel of guns and see heaven, or so we were led to believe by a boat note of questionable origin.

IF IT WAS HIM there would have been signs he was becoming radicalized. No one hides the amount of hate and anger needed to commit large-scale murder without someone picking up on something.

IF IT WAS HIM he would have taken the stand and subjected the courtroom to an extremist rant.

IF IT WAS HIM “the finger” incident would not have been important enough to mention.

IF IT WAS HIM I wouldn’t still be supporting him.

IF IT WAS HIM I wouldn’t still be feeling this way.

IF IT WAS HIM there wouldn’t be large numbers of people who know something is still horribly wrong with the way this case played out and the verdict that was reached.

IF IT WAS HIM the timing of and wording of his apology would have made sense.

From the very beginning, this case has been about fear and emotion, not evidence. What happened yesterday did nothing to resolve the outstanding issues. In that regard, we clearly have a long way to go. Let others remain in willful ignorance. I can only look at the evidence and still conclude:


Published by: iwasleah10years

Winston Churchill said no crime is so great as daring to excel. I am ready to take that dare. An unexpected and somewhat unexplainable compassion for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has drawn me out of my comfort zone.


11 thoughts on “IF IT WAS HIM”

  1. You pinpointed it out in writing Lynn. So many questions unanswered. Plus you are so right…’ It Wasn’t Him’

  2. Thank you for this. It is excellent. From the first time I heard about the bombing and the alleged perpetrators, I’ve been convinced that it was a set up and that the boy would be railroaded. Absolutely nothing in the intervening years has changed my mind.

  3. Julie, I am so in agreement with ALL that you have said here. You thought of even more heavy handed actions that point to a lack of real evidence against Jahar than I was able to think of. Thank you for exposing them with your comment!

  4. Lynn, you conveyed so clearly what we all think and believe. Dzhokhar is innocent. As you say everything would have been different if “it was him”. There would have been close up video at MIT, which surely exists. There would have been no need to try and blame them for the 7-11 robbery, there would have been no need for watertown, no need for the violence and cruelty at the boat. The FBI could have went straight to their home and arrested them without violence, there would be no need for 9000 officers with heavy duty weapons and war tanks on the streets of Boston, there would be no need to force people to remain inside, there would be no need to exploit the dead and injured, there would be no need to seal over 800 filed motions, there would be no need to silence Dzhokhar. There would be no need for the defense to make 14 trips to Russia to harass the family to get Dzhokhar to confess and so much more. There would be no need for Judy Clarke to write a confession and somehow make him read it. May Dzhokhar be safe and have humane and merciful guards where he is going. Let’s continue to pray for him.

    1. Hi Susan, are you the one who writes & visits Matanov? If you are I want to say I admire you so much for that.

  5. You are a blessed person! I do not know but after what he said I’m more certain than ever that he is innocent. Of course it was not him, I just pray to God that any decent lawyer fight for him, I feel that he survived by God and the faith I have I’m sure JESUS will take a escape to Dzhokhar.

  6. I needed to hear YOUR voice of reassurance too! Just found out Jahar has been flown out of Massachusetts. We must pray for his protection during transfer and in his new facility with new guards and with attorneys not always around now.

  7. Thank you so much for this, Lynn! Your inspired words help all of us clarify our thoughts and feelings after such a confounding event. Our faith is being tested but we are also being shown the way forward out of darkness into light.

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